Matières à Chaud

Saazs creative Laboratories + QUANTUM GLASS ™

"At the intersection of technological and intangible innovation, the «Matières à Chaud» reinterprets an essential household object: the radiator. Combined with wood, steel and marble, 5.5 designers transform THERMOVIT Elegance transparent heating glass into a medium for artificial landscapes, to which colours and materials lend their poetry. In a formal language based on simplicity, the radiator exceeds its function as a machine and becomes an attractive object. A creative object whose technological performance becomes secondary to its aesthetic appeal. «Matières à Chaud» is therefore an extension of Saazs’s remit, to reveal through art and design the perspectives offered by QUANTUM GLASS™ active glass. This is a practical way of encouraging a hi-tech product to communicate on an emotional level." (ABITARE)

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