"“The world’s first Twitter ring”, a new innovative jewelry idea from Amsterdam-based Alphabeth.
Greg Rewis proposed to his girlfriend via Twitter back in 2008. Barack Obama first shared his historic win with his followers, etc. Obviously, things are happening on Twitter that are changing people’s lives. Maybe even lesser known moments, thoughts and personal stories deserve eternity, no?
Each ring is personalized and engraved with
the tweet of your choice or you can write a new “tweet” as long as it is 140 characters or less.
Tweet-rings engraves texts measuring less than one millimeter on the sides of a ring, the words are just barely visible to the naked eye, yet legible because of the use of advanced laser technology.
Tweet-Rings are available in sturdy stainless steel, classic silver and modern titanium, ranging in price from 89 to 109 euros ($119-$145 USD). Delivery is free to over 50 countries." (DESIGNMILK)

Para + info: TWEET-RINGS

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