Paris Underground

Hasta que ví el vídeo que aquí os dejo no tenía ni idea de que existe un rico y variado mundo que convive con el París de la luz!
"Stephen Alvarez explores the vast underground of paris, france. the works document an entire world of lakes, gold vaults, catacombs, and tunnels, and the people who regularly shift between the surface and nether worlds.Some underground locations are open to the public, including the catacombs, a museum documenting the history of the french sewer system, and the ancient ruins that lie beneath the louvre and notre dame.by contrast, entering the city's quarries and forgotten tunnels has been illegal since 1955, but many still explore the subterranean networks, creating maps of the regions or cobbling together their own secret rooms. a cataphile explains: 'we do what we want here. we don't have rules. many people come down here to party, some people to paint. some people to destroy or to create or to explore." (DESIGNBOOM)

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  1. Que pasada!! y pensar que los neofitos no tenemos ni idea...