"The wheel of fortune" by Christian Boltanski - French Pavilion Venice Art Biennale 2011

"Created for the french pavilion, paris-born artist christian boltanski presents 'chance' at the venice art biennale 2011.  A thematic exploration of its namesake, this exhibition playfully explores the luck and fate of newborns, whose beginnings are subject entirely to chance. While the title translated in french has a positive connotation of luck and good fortune, the english interpretation conversely suggests hazard or risk, rendering the exhibition appropriately ambiguous. For 'the wheel of fortune,' the main room in the pavilion contains a moving loop of paper upon which hundreds of childrenʼs faces have been printed. Traversing across structural steel piping, the strip stops randomly from time to time and an alarm sounds, illuminating one of the childrenʼs faces on an oversized screen. The process then starts over, until the walkway stops again and the alarm signals fateʼs next choice. In two side rooms, oversized digital counters enumerate the worldʼs population for the diptych 'last news from humans. 'the deaths' displays the world's daily total of deaths in red, while 'the births' displays the counterpart figure in green. the numbers are tabulated every evening at midnight, with the number of births on average 200,000 higher than the number of deaths. The 54th international art exhibition in venice, italy, runs until november 27, 2011." (DESIGNBOOM)

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