AIRGAMI by Larry Moss

"Former new york street performer larry moss is widely known for his work with latex balloons in creating large-scale installations, sculptures, as well as wearable fashion pieces. his latest work
with the medium - which he has dubbed 'airigami' - is the 'master works' series which consists of eight recreations of some of the world's most well-recognized paintings, completely constructed
out of balloons. including works by da vinci, andy warhol, and jackson pollock, the pieces are a playful exploration of the representation of art, as well as a means of pushing the boundaries of  the underlooked material.

'Master works was inspired in part by the perception of my medium as just a child's toy. I decided to create the works of the great masters to gently challenge people's preconceived notions of what art is… and to make them smile!' says moss.

The series appeared in a recently published children's book called 'artist eyes' which encourages its readers to look at their own and other's work with a critical and discerning eye. To see more images of moss's work and as well as videos of the construction of some of his large-scale pieces, click here. " (DESIGNBOOM)

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