Architect Curtain by JOON & JUNG

Wow, Wow, Wooooow! Qué original! Me encantaría que una de estas cortinas embelleciera las ventanas de mi casa! Es una idea de JOON&JUNG,  y no es la única que me gusta, atención a los NATURAL SPEAKERS! MaraBillosos, a que sí? 

"Architect Curtain was commissioned work from 12n STDNBW. Drawings are inspired by the architect’s background and the nature. In each layer of panel has different drawing by hand sew on the kassdoek with subtle colors. Because of the half transparency of the fabric and lighted line, it doesn’t give you information directly. But as you walk by the image passes like an illusion.  It is like a memory from your dream. The scene, you would have passed by without aware of.  But it has been always there in our everyday." (JOON&JUNG)

"Each set of pieces is individually crafted by hand and each porcelain casing checked for best amplifying performance. If you value a balanced mid-tone sound and a speaker with a ‘feeling’ for your music, you will surely enjoy the ‘the natural speaker’." (JOON&JUNG)


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