BUREAU 4480 by Guillaume Dulau

Captó mi atención en cuanto la ví, pero al leer su historia se convirtió en algo maraBilloso! "Created by french designer guillaume dulau, 'bureau 4480' utilizes a single piece of wood to make an unusual desk. A plank of ash wood, measuring 4 meters in length by 40 centimeters wide and 8 centimeters thick (thus the project's name), is cut without completely severing off any piece, and these segments are bent into form. Dulau's process took on an experimental dimension as his project constraints forced him to invent new techniques of working with wood and wood-cutting machines. the strips are twisted into natural forms creating four legs, two of which continue their course on the top of the desk, creating storage space for pens and other small objects. The desk's openwork surface prevented the wood from splitting during construction, and now serves to cool laptops and other technological devices. dulau left a smooth planed surface in the size of an A4 sheet of paper, to permit use of the table in hand penning." (DESIGN BOOM)

No dejéis de visitar la web de GUILLAUME DULAU para poder sorprenderos durante la visualización del proceso creativo. 

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