CONCEPTUAL DEVICES: TANTO bean bag/puff by Antonio Scarponi

"TANTO is more than a bean bag. It is so much more that it can be looked upon as a place. No, not just because it is 120 cm whide. But because it is so comfortable and huggy as the perfect place where to read (and write) fairy tales. TANTO is magical.

It's external lining is made of a soft fabric used for outdoor upholstery produced by Sunbrella which is easily washable, waterproof, oil proof and sunlight resistant. The internal lining is 100% cotton and contains the expanded polystyrene padding.

TANTO is shipped all over the world without the expanded polystyrene padding to optimize shipping costs.

"TANTO is manufactured in Italy."

De vez en cuando la red pone a nuestro alcance cosas maraBillosas, como TANTO que me ha llegado vía SWISSMISS

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