DERIVA PAPER is a new magazinefounded and art directed by Marta Vargasedited by Helena Öhman, and project managed by Arno Selvini. The great Verónica Algaba and Mónica Bedmar are contributors of issue one which is being launching on spring. 

Based on three concepts - dérive, flâneur and oasis - the magazine sets out to guide you through a variety of new journeys through a city and to make you follow your senses and emotions on the walk.

Love the manifesto

How many times have you walked around town, on your way to work, to school, back home. How many times have you gone to the library, to catch a train, to the neighborhood market. How many tours around the city could you travel with your eyes closed?
How many faces do you see every day?

Set out to explore your surroundings.
Wander the usual path.
Notice the little things, find the invisible.

Enjoy the walk.

I´ve just pre-ordered one copy, what about you? If you hurry up, you can purchase the first issue for a special bird price and receive a discount code for issue Two. 

+ info and pre-order: DERIVA PAPER MAGAZINE

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  1. Y sin envidia. Nunca.

  2. Sigo a Marta desde hace unos añitos y todo lo que hace me parece una maravilla. Me gusta mucho el manifiesto, me ha recordado al curso de Hello Creatividad de Mónica en el que coincidimos el año pasado, te acuerdas? Precioso proyecto!