En estos tiempos convulsos, un proyecto como este es lo que necesito, es lo que necesitamos. 

Paremos por un momento. Permitamos que el silencio reorganice nuestros sentimientos y suavice nuestros impulsos más primitivos.

Dejemos de retroalimentarnos y busquemos JUNTOS, todo aquello que nos une, más allá de nuestras diferencias. 

Aprendamos a convivir en PAZ.  

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Over the course of the last two years, collective division and hate have run rampant throughout the world. At times, it’s felt impossible to see any hope or way forward as a society.

That’s when we decided to start actively looking for the helpers. The Goodnewsletter was not born out an attempt to avoid the reality of the world’s greatest pains, but to find the helpers and hopeful stories happening right within them. We’ve found that in seeking good news, we’ve been able to come out of sulking and take action, becoming good news ourselves.

Good Good Good was founded by Branden Harvey, a storyteller and speaker who is focused on telling stories of good all over the world. If Branden’s learned one thing from his work, it’s this: There's no shortage of good news in the world. You just have to know where to look.

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